There is something special about connecting with people in the great outdoors. A week (or more) at Elim Lodge affords the opportunity to meet new friends, reconnect with your favourites, and explore your faith in a safe environment.

Chapels begin with a time of worship and Chapel speakers explain the message of God’s love along with the hope this gives us. We also encourage further opportunities to meet together with leaders or the speaker after chapel to talk about what was taught and how it might be relevant to daily living.

There is non-stop fun planned from breakfast until midnight, but if that’s not enough, there are also some early morning activity options you can also join in on. (Sunrise paddle, anyone?) Just being at Elim is fun! But when you get to be outside on the Trent Severn in summer with your favourite people and then add swimming at the beach, leisure sports, beach volleyball, crafts, etc, it only gets better!