• Non-compliance may result in your being asked to leave and/or a loss of privilege to rebook.

  • On occasion, errors or omissions on the Elim Lodge website, Elim Facebook or in Elim communications will occur. Please accept our sincere apologies and allow us to make the correction. The Office will be happy to provide you with the correct information.


  • Full Deposit is Refundable 3 months prior to arrival date. 

  • Deposit less Admin Fee (1/3 of deposit) is Refundable 1 – 3 months prior to arrival date.

  • Deposit is Non-refundable when less than 1 month prior to arrival date.

  • Full Payment is Refundable less the Deposit amount according to the cancellation policy.

  • No Refunds or Reductions for late arrivals, interrupted occupancy, or early departure.



Elim Lodge seeks to maintain a family-friendly environment. Therefore,

  • Smoking, alcohol, &/or recreational drugs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere on Elim grounds including all Elim facilities.

  • Please dress in a respectful manner, particularly with regard to swim & beachwear

  • Quiet must be observed by 11:00 PM



In light of health and community concerns, pets are NOT permitted on Elim grounds or in any of the facilities.

We do recognize the need for service dogs and therapy dogs. If this need applies to you, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the full terms of our current Pet Policy. Therapy dogs must be vetted and/or trained and wear a vest indicating this designation. To find approved locations that offer therapy dog testing and/or training, check out The Life Line Canada Foundation’s list of Companion Paws training centers.

Note: You may see pet owners from neighboring parks walking non-service animals along the municipal road which bisects our park.

ALL Trent Lakes Municipality regulations & guidelines are mandatory.  See


  • Fire bans must be strictly obeyed

  •    Campfires are to be built at designated sites only.

  •    Open flame fire bowls/pits are NOT permitted at any camp site or accommodation.

  •    All campfires are to be fully extinguished by 10:30 PM

  • Garbage & Recycling measures must be followed.  (Use only CLEAR garbage bags)

       Information and bins for garbage & recycling purposes will be made available in your accommodation.


MOTORCRAFTS Including all watercrafts, motorbikes, golf carts, etc.
  • All motorized watercraft must be docked or stored with their trailer in the back field during your stay. These are not to be kept at your accommodation. Charges will apply accordingly – arrangements can be made at the office.

  • All motor vehicles (i.e. bikes, golf carts) must abide by M.T.O. regulations; ie. golf carts may be driven only by those ages 16+. Speed limits must be kept at all times. Vehicles are to stay on roads only.

  • Electrical vehicles are not to be charged at camping sites or accommodations.  Arrangements may be made through the office if you need this service.




The following items are provided accordingly…

* Toilet paper rolls (ONLY 1-ply toilet paper is acceptable in the septic system.)

      – 1-PLY toilet paper is available at the Snackery for purchase should you require more than provided.

      – Please DO NOT flush “Flushable” wipes. They do not break down in the septic system. (Wipes can be put into the garbage.)

* 2 small CLEAR garbage bags & 2 medium CLEAR garbage bags.

* Dish soap (for accommodations with Kitchens)

* Complimentary bar of soap (if linens are rented).

* Basic toiletries can be purchased at The Snackery or the Lakeside Treasures.


  • Propane tank is included

  • Are available in the area of the cottages and motels and may be used by anyone in that area

        Please bring your own BBQ tools.

  • Are NOT provided at camping sites

  • Guests are permitted to bring small, portable, propane BBQ’s.

        These must only be used outdoors.



Personal canoes, kayaks or paddle boards are available for rent. These may be reserved at the office.

A Risk Form & proof of payment must be provided to the Rental Staff.


Thank you for taking the time to be informed of our policies and the options that we are able to make available to you. We appreciate your recognizing the responsibility that we all have to respect and protect each other. We pray that your stay will be filled with opportunities to rest, relax and renew!!

Your Service Team at Elim Lodge
Elim Lodge Christian Retreat and Conference Centre
696 Elim Lodge Road, Lakehurst, Ontario, K0L 1J0

(Please use this address including the Postal Code on your GPS.)

Phone: +1 (705) 657-8306; Email address:




Elim Ministries Inc. is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. Thus, we are committed to preventing, identifying and removing barriers at Elim that impede the ability of people with disabilities to access our goods and services. This includes all customers, guests, families, staff, volunteers and members of Elim’s community.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was passed by the Ontario government in June of 2005. The purpose of the AODA is to develop, implement and enforce standards of accessibility for all Ontario residents. Elim’s Accessibility Policy is consistent with the AODA, 2005 and the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07.

View Our Accessibility Policy