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Please note: If the new owner wishes to remain at Elim Lodge Trailer Park, an Application must be submitted to the Director by the intended buyer prior to the purchase .

TRAILER LOT(s) (for lease)
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SIZE:       15’ x 6’
PRICE:   $300 (Retails for $600 @ Canadian Tire.)
INFO:     Almost new.
CONTACT:   Matthew Gordon (905-426-0717)

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Interested in Transient Camping?

Fifteen (15) Camp Sites (32’x48′) are dedicated for bookings by RVs and tents; water, hydro & sewage connections are included in the cost.  A washroom and laundry room is located nearby. These sites and facilities open by the May ‘thaw’ and close after the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

These sites are initially (re-)booked each year for WEEK-LONG at a time stays (Saturday-Saturday) for the following year’s Annual Conference Season; however, after May 1st of a current year, any unbooked sites become available for LESS-THAN-A-WEEK stays.

Learn more about camping options