Our motel units are centrally located in the park, making it easy to access any of Elim’s various activities. Each room comes with a bathroom, full fridge, 2 burner hot plate, microwave, air conditioning, and heat. They are available for rent year round. Please refer to the following list of beds and maximum capacities.


Motel 28, 29, 32, 33, 36-39 – One room unit with a Queen bed and either another Queen or a Double sofa bed. Maximum capacity of 4.

Motel 30 and 31 – One room unit with 2 Double beds. Maximum capacity of 4.

Motel 34 and 35 – 2 room unit with Queen or Double sofa bed in the main room and Queen or Double bed in bedroom. Maximum capacity of 6

Motel 40 – 2 bedroom unit with Queen bed in the main room, Queen bed in the first bedroom, and 2 Single beds in the second bedroom. Maximum capacity of 6.