Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is COVID-19 affecting Elim Lodge Retreat & Conference Center?

A:   There are a number of ways that Elim Lodge has been and will be affected by this pandemic: (Pray for our government & local leaders as realities are assessed and decision are made!)

  2. Full-time staff has been reduced to a bare minimum. About half of our staff (including all kitchen, dining room, housekeeping and one office) have been laid off for the foreseeable future.
  3. All retreats have been suspended through June (including our Elim Lodge Ladies Retreat). This leaves us without our normal seasonal income… Thankfully, most of them have rebooked for next year!

Q: When will Elim Lodge Trailer Park open?

A:  This decision will depend entirely on the advice and recommendations of our Federal and Provincial governments, along with input from the Board of Elim Ministries Inc.

  1. Elim leadership will continue to pay attention to and abide by the federal and provincial government recommendations, supported by our municipal advisories and community needs.
  2. Leadership will consistently review decisions that have been made with the intent to open Elim Lodge as soon as it is prudent to do so.

Q: Will there be any exceptions?

A:  Exceptions will include:

  1. “Snow Birds”: numbers of our Trailer Park residents live ‘South’ in the winter and ‘North’ in the summer… we are their home.
  2. Special requests will be considered on a one-by-one basis. This may include special needs families who are looking for a place to isolate their potentially immunocompromised or especially vulnerable member.

Q: What measures will be required by any exceptions to the ‘Do Not Come’ advisory?

A:  Every person on Elim Lodge grounds will need to follow the recommendations that have been laid out by the Government for the protection of our open, yet close, community.

  • Stay ‘at home’
  • Hand wash often
  • Avoid touching your mouth/face (Wear a mask?!)
  • Keep your physical distancing
  • Elbow cough

Watch Pastor Rick Warren’s ‘Quarantine S.H.A.K.E.’ … for kids?? 😉 WATCH HERE

Q: What are the options if a reservation needs (or chooses) to cancel?

A:   We recognize that numbers of concerns affect each of us differently in relation to coping with this pandemic.  If you need or choose to cancel your reservation, you have 2 options:

    1. Our hope is that you will be able to re-book for the ‘same week/end’ in 2021.
    2. A refund is also an option.
      • Please contact Ethan at or Sue at
      • Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee your reservation/retreat going forward if you cancel your booking this year without reserving for 2021.