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Over the last years, the ‘Dining Hall Pool’ has become less and less stable… we’ve yet to use ‘Duck Tape’, but we were getting there! 😉

In light of the challenges of preserving the old pool (and recognizing its reduced usage by our community), the Board has elected to replace the pool with a SPLASH PAD and develop the surrounding landscape. This amenity will require less maintenance and look MUCH more attractive while providing a lot of fun for our growing community of young families


The COST: $70,000

This project builds into our kids’ program; therefore, all Capital Project Donations over $10 are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt and will be designated for this project until it has been fully funded. Any funds donated after that will be applied where tax-deductible receipts are also possible.


*All donations for the splash pad will be used exclusively for that project until the total amount has been received and the project closes.  Any excess funds given will be designated by the Board where needed.


The TIMING: Summer 2023

As we gather the funding we will continue to plan and break ground to be fully functional by next summer!

The LOOK: That will be a surprise!

But, we’re sure you’ve seen a Splash Pad before! 😊