As you are no doubt aware, we've been raising funds over the last two years to radically improve our Snackery Pool. During this time we have been strategizing the best way to go about this project and - you guessed it- we've decided to build a brand-spankin'-new pool!

In our 2017-2019 “Stop the Leaks” Capital Campaign, our goal was to raise $100,000 so that Elim Lodge would not have to incur massive debt to complete this project for guests to enjoy. So far we have raised over $130,000! YESS! Thank you everyone for your help!

We've already posted photos of the initial construction work that's already begun. You can view the photos here. This is SUPER exciting to begin to see progress. We are very excited to show you all that we have planned.

We have some ambitious goals with this new pool - and we want it to be AWESOME! There are a few additions that we want to add to our new pool that we think you'll love! As of our current funding however, we are unable to justify the cost for these extra features. This is where we are calling out to you for one final help to build the pool that you will all love!

Our goal is to raise $32,800 before summer begins! Crazy ambitious right!? But we really want to have a #PoolParty when you all arrive, and for this to be possible - we're asking for you to help donate towards the features that you want most!

There are 4 features that are on the chopping block right now:

- Solar Blanket ($2,800)

- Pool Heater ($10,000)

- Professional Landscaping ($12,000)

- Fully Automated Chemical Monitor and Dispenser ($8,000)


You can donate to one or all of these features using the buttons below. We will keep the status of each feature updated as best as we can - If we exceed our goal on any single feature, the extra funds will be put towards the next closest funded feature - so it's all going towards building the best pool we've ever had!


We look forward to serving you all in this summer 🙂

Solar Blanket


Pool Heater


Professional Landscaping


Automatic Chemical Dispenser