Updated July 18th, 2020

Dear 2020 Guests…

This has been a challenging time for us as we’ve tried to keep current with the reality that we face under the continually changing COVID-19 status! We are trying to make this summer as normal as possible for everyone; but, in light of the regulations that we need to follow, things just will not be normal.

SO… this is some of the 2020 Summer Season INFORMATION about which you need to be aware:

  • All events / programs / meetings have been cancelled.
  • Single (immediate) family units only are permitted to stay in one accommodation.
  • Family/friend outdoor gatherings will need to follow distancing rules.ACCOMMODATION CONFIRMATION/CANCELLATION Options

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Wait until ONE (1) WEEK PRIOR to your reservation to finalize your booking, depending on if:

Elim Lodge accommodation rentals remain open for business. Your family is healthy and able to travel & “vacay”.

ONE (1) WEEK prior to your booking (assuming that Elim Lodge remains open for business), you may:

Confirm with Elim Lodge Reservations that you will be coming for your vacation this year.

Book ahead for next year.
* Your deposit can be applied to your 2021 booking * Your reservation will be guaranteed

Cancel any further bookings.
* Your deposit will be returned to you
* We cannot guarantee your accommodation/week for the following year(s)

IF WE DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU by ONE (1) week prior to your reservation, we will assume that you plan to follow through on your booking. No refund for your deposit will be given after that time.

RESERVATION INFORMATION: An e-mail will be sent to you a couple of days before your arrival with the information you need to know for your stay in the cottages or campsites.

Please do not plan to arrive before check-in time at 3:30pm.

What is OPEN??
The OFFICE: Business hours (1 person at a time)

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  • Monday-Friday:
  • Saturday Morning:
  • Afternoon:

9am – 5pm
9am – 12pm
2pm – 7pm
Closed (On-Call Phone # on the Office door.)

• •

The Lakeside: Take-Out (Dinner Only)
Order at the Dining Room between 5-7pm (Distancing & Face masks mandatory.)

The Snackery: Mon-Sun: 11:30am – 10:00pm (The Grill closes at 9pm.)

SWIMMING POOL(s): See attached Pool schedule

  • Elim Residents & Guests only.
  • COVID rules must apply / LIMIT of 15 persons per pool
  • Check at POOLs for TIMES & EventsBEACHES:

Personal Distancing & maintaining your family space is IMPERATIVE for these areas to remain open.


  • Days: Monday – Wednesday Thursday
  • Hours: 2-4pm
  • Limit: TWO (2) customers (at discretion of management)
  • 15 minute time frame
  • Children under 12 are to be accompanied by an adult
  • Mandatory: Hand sanitizer must be applied upon entering the store. Face masks must be worn.
  • No Public Washroom in the store.COURTS: Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball
    The LAUNDROMATS (Please sign up… thanks!)

    What is CLOSED??

    The Playground (Still. )
    FIRE PITS (Burn BAN in effect 😐)


  • You may pay the BALANCE of your Statement by:1. E-TRANSFER / CHEQUE: any day prior or up to the Wednesday of your booking * Send e-transfer to bookkeeper@elimlodge.com

    * Security Question: ‘Accommodation & Date’ (ie. ‘Motel 22, July 1118’)

    * Security Answer for everyone: Westview
    2. DEBIT / CASH / CHEQUE: on Monday-Wednesday at the office
    3. CREDIT CARD: Any day prior or up to the Wednesday of your booking (2% surcharge will apply)

  • The ‘Deluxe’ bedding option will not be possible.
    – Everyone will need to bring your own sheets & towels for your accommodation.

    * Please let us know if you need information as to which size beds are in your accommodation.

  • The Lakeside Dining Room is still a significant ‘unknown’ for us. What we DO know:
    * Our Buffet style service will not be an option.
    * Meal Plans will look a little different if the Dining Room opens, and costs will reflect the changes.
  • TRANSIENT CAMPING IS NOW PERMITTED: * Elim’s Public Washrooms are open.

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