Updated – June 11th : We’re Open *With Conditions*

Dear 2020 Guests…

This has been a challenging time for us as we’ve tried to keep current with the reality that we face under the continually changing COVID-19 status!  We are trying to make this summer as normal as possible for everyone; but, in light of the regulations that we need to follow, things just will not be normal.

So… these are some CHANGES of which you need to be aware:

1)      All events / programs / meetings have been cancelled.

2)      Single (immediate) family units only are permitted to stay in one accommodation.

  • Family/friend outdoor gatherings will need to follow distancing rules.

3)      Your ‘week’ long stay will now be 6 days (Sat-Fri), running from:

  • SATURDAY check-in at 3:30pm – FRIDAY check-out at 12:00 noon

15% discount will be applied to reflect this change.

Please do not plan to arrive before check-in time at 3:30pm.

–       Our housekeeping staff will take the needed time to thoroughly clean and sanitize each accommodation.

ALL accommodations will be locked until they are clean.

Please do not distract our staff as they are doing the best they can to get everyone’s accommodation ready.  Thank you for your cooperation!

·         You do not need to check in at the office!

Please go directly to your accommodation after 3:30pm.

An envelope with your keys, check-in form and statement, any boat tags, and instructions for the week will be left for you in your accommodation.

The Check-in Form needs to be returned to the drop off box outside the office by the end of your arrival day.

–       This is to reduce office traffic.

–       Please call the office with any requests that surface after your arrival.

·         You may pay the BALANCE of your Statement by:

E-transfer / Cheque          – any day prior or up to the Wednesday of your booking

Debit / Cash / Cheque      – on Monday-Wednesday at the office

Credit Card (2% surcharge will be applied)     – any day prior or up to the Wednesday of your booking 

The ‘Deluxe’ bedding option will not be possible.

Everyone will need to bring your own sheets & towels for your accommodation.

Please let us know if you need information as to which size beds are in your accommodation.

4)      The Lakeside Dining Room is still a significant ‘unknown’ for us.  What we DO know:

– Our Buffet style service will not be an option.

–   Meal Plans will look a little different if the Dining Room opens, and costs will reflect the changes.

5)      Peterborough Public Health says that, currently, Transient Camping continues to be prohibited. Though this may change in the near future, this our present reality.

We are all in this learning curve together!  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to make your vacation as relaxing, renewing and refreshing as possible!!

Please take care of each other!!

Every blessing,